Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 29

The Way Back

With surgery for my cancer over and two weeks later, I am feeling more like myself and less than a patient. I am still healing and cannot push my energy or go far, but do feel like I can plan a little more. With 6 more weeks to fully heal, I have that time to pick up some light art work that does’t stretch my arm movements. Of course I can also do my computer art related work. I am doing very well and with support of my family, friends and the artistic community here, I did not feel alone facing this crisis. I am grateful to all.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 28

The Process of Waiting

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 27

Red Light - Green Light

Remember that game where the “it” person would turn and call Green Light and we would make a dash forward only to have to freeze when “It” called Red Light? When one person reached the front first, then they were the winner. Life is sometimes like that game. Right now I’m freezing on red, after a good dash in the last year.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 26

Fully Into the Sculpture

With success manipulating the wire armature in the first sculpture, I felt the boost to continue the process I had scheduled for my project. The Conspiracy Project consists of seven figures, so I need to regulate my progress to complete the seven figures and be ready to mold them part way through the year. This will mean much pretesting the materials I will be using to get to the bronze application.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 25

Working in Good Time

As January moves on, my work schedule follows in a good pace. I set my priorities for the new year and allowed time for other projects I may wish to play at or improve. I continued through the holidays to take some time to keep at those artworks I wanted to meet with a scheduled time line. I did not sacrifice my festivities or family times. Knowing at what and when you must work, helps to keep me on track without the pressure I did feel during the summer session.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 24

My Favourite Month

December is always a busy distracting time, although pleasant in it’s hustle and interruptions. I have usually found it best to write off the month for work and enjoy the festivities. As we come into the half month, I have completed a painting that has had me concentrating to finish and taken up my time. Now that I can deliver this portrait work I can relax, catch up on a few items like my blogs and social media plus plan my next attack in the studio.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 23

Back to Work

Since my busy season connecting and meeting other artists, I have begun to focus on producing my work for the next two years. It will take me that long to create a series and complete projects that were begun and still in progress. Reorganizing my studio space and setting up areas for
three prominent projects was my first activity. Those three artworks will be my focus and priority to complete. The other small items in my peripheral will be puttered at in my spare time or during a break from concentrating on the big works.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 22

Autumn Fulfillment

Since December all my expectations of succeeding with my introduction as an artist in my new home, has been fulfilled. I have met and connected with many artists and been involved with 4 or 5 events where my art was exhibited. I have had a few reviews also. We have ignited the bronze furnaces and held a public demonstration of the lost wax process. There has been many other meetings with interesting persons providing inspiration as well as information gleaned. Being involved again with an artists cooperative has provided companionship and revitalized my energies.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 21

Spring Rush

My blogging was interrupted by a very busy season as my new contacts increased and evolved into actions. With several studio visits almost overwhelming me with new artists’ introductions and praise, I was feeling in the spotlight and being blinded by it at same time. It was so refreshing to have my peers review and enjoy my work. It was a confirming experience after 20 years of near isolation in my formal home. Here in my new home, there has been a renaissance of artistic culture and spaces as well as exhibiting opening up and I arrived just in time to join in the reformation.

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 20

New Connections & New Events & New initiatives

During the time that my arm remained in a cast and then my dear mother-in-law ‘s passing, my name was referred to some local artists establishing a new gallery. A flurry of activity then began as a studio visit was requested and before I was aware of what occurred my art was accepted into the inaugural opening exhibition in a church revamped into a cultural centre. Swept up with their refreshing and bustling enthusiasm, it appears I have found an outlet for my work and artistic companionship with my equals.

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