Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 9

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Becoming a Viewer Only

If I ever wondered what life would be like if I had to give up producing my art, I am getting an inside look at my day without a brush or pencil. Tendinitis is a more serious ailment to work production than I had imagined. I can work through the pain but therein is the crunch; the more you do, the worse and longer you will suffer. My physiotherapy is going well and I can feel the improvement. That improvement got me out to do sketching again; then the flareup began again. This I am told, is the worst time for the tendinitis to continue improving. As I can do more, the flareups will continue. So I must work on my exercises and refrain from using my hand in activities whether they be housework or art. Cutting vegetables the other day for a salad, started the pain again with the completion of the slicing. Such a simple activity but causing a flareup.

So with frustration, I try to limit activities such as this typing, and do the work in bits and pieces. I would browse the art web sites and check my followers work, and feel the tug to paint or draw. I try to avoid going to the studio to see the several pieces sitting and waiting to be touched up or continued. My Arab Spring piece was so close to completion and my exhibition pieces sit and wait for continuation as do the many blank canvasses yet to be worked on for that exhibit.

My sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project isn’t up to my usual scratch, I believe. With only 8 pages left, I await a better subject matter to appear or run into, before I do any more work in it. I need some good sketches done with care and time to feel my work is adequate for submission. My hand doesn’t seem to have the control or strength as before to get the precise pressure and line in the work. The fingers are not my own right now.

I also haven’t played with my IPad apps or submitted any Flickr work. I did try to begin a drawing of wine glasses and wine bottle with the idea of adding a happy taster in the back ground. My hand ached again so I quit with the idea of coming back to it next day. I am determined to attempt work that will not inhibit the healing and dabble a little bit here and there on various items. This will give me the feeling I am progressing, albeit very slowly, but may forego that frustration that is building as I wait for my hand to return. I hope it returns to full use as previous. I haven’t inquired to future abilities but have been told it will take up to 3 months to fully heal. Fortunately part of that time is the Christmas season coming upon us quickly and it is a down time for my work. So, here is to all you artists, who should continue to plow ahead and enjoy your art production and I hope with patience to join you soon.