Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 8

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Every Plan has a Fault Line

As I have outlined the process to preparing to exhibit a proposed series of work in my blog, I did hesitate in submitting my completed proposal papers. In hindsight, this was a good feeling, that proved beneficial in my favour. With the discussion of new directions for our lives, upon my spouses’ retirement, I decided to table the papers until I was assured of a more settled time.

We are now building with our daughter and grandson in a new area after coming upon a beautiful parcel of land and the purchase of such. Eventually our plans progressed rapidly to the actual build and the preparation of the sale of our present home. I did feel that I could keep up with my schedule of the project despite renovations here and road trips there. What I did not foresee was the intensity of the labour on this house here and the road trips there.

I am still progressing albeit slowly on my series and am at a finishing place for three pieces. With two other works completed, three other paintings apart from the series also complete, and a mounting stack of empty canvasses, I will continue to push through the work at a slower pace. However one piece of work needs my attention now for completion. I will finish my piece, “Arab Spring” artwork now. To forego any more time will lose the historic timeline link to the art piece.

However, the renovations did take their toll and with a diagnosis of tendinitis in my working hand, time at my art has become a here and there attempt. When the wrist feels fine, I will go to the studio, and when in pain, limit my activities. This unfortunately relates to all my activities including use of the computer. But fortunately, the renovations are complete and with physiotherapy on the near horizon, I should be able to get back to doing the things I love soon. It has given me an appreciation for my limbs and faculties and the care we must give for ourselves.

While waiting on full recuperation, I did sign up for The Sketchbook Project at with the idea that sketching for the next three months in a leisurely fashion can keep the anxiety of waiting work in the studio at bay and help with the therapy. It’s an easier less pressurized project to get me through this period and back to work again. I hope to blog on the sketchbook progress and post a few sketches on my face book art page.