Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 11

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Taking Off in Exploration

With a new era upon us, as we near completion to a new home with my daughter and grandson, life will take a different course for us in the future. I am looking forward to a new larger studio space with natural light and a new scenic landscape of woods, fields and farms rather than wharfs and seashores and boats. Mind you, I’m still not far away from the familiar past subject matter. With a lifestyle change consisting of a 8 year old grandson and a new dog in the mix, I am prepared for an exciting change to my environment of art. I don’t know if the influence will swallow my subject matter choice or voice in my art, but am ready to embrace what comes next.

I am still working on my exhibition proposal of the marine subject but am exploring and experimenting with my photography that I have picked up on again. I’m going deeper into the learning experience adding some studio items to enhance portraiture and adding software to the programs. So I’m studying and getting familiar with the new technology of producing good quality, while enhancing and manipulating my photos. Much experimenting and practice needed here for sure.

As well, I am finally ready to try my hand at animation using a few programs I installed a while back, but didn’t have the time to explore. My Behance portfolio hasn’t seen the light of the computer for a bit of time, so plan to work the graphic side again and that fits in well with my decision to go into the photo manipulation. It’s all new media for me to do my artwork.

Don't get convinced I'm leaving my main medium choice of paint and clay. Not able to work the clay or take it into the bronze for months because of tendinitis, I’m looking toward acreage of land to stretch my back yard foundry and get down dirty with the clay. We have been showing this property in readiness to sell and move, so cleanness and tidiness does not go hand and hand with clay and casting. They are dirty mediums and I need the area to work and produce. So a new approach is waiting for me on the horizon ( my view from the hilltop) with my return to sculpture.

My new location also promises me new colleagues in the area, new resources, and new embraces for the visual arts. Closer to larger towns, and a summer place for tourists, there are artists and artisans coming into the territory. So I should be feeling right at home and diving into my work and all my new choices with a renewed sense of purpose.

Meanwhile, I continue a couple new pieces started and posted to my face book fan page, ,as progress work so that you can follow along as the work develops. My exhibit work has no time period yet declared, so I will continue working there. As spring comes on, I’II be back out to the boats and the seashore to add to the subject matter and the numbers of canvas in production. As summer approaches, I hope to be situated in my new home and getting settled in with a new regime.

Meanwhile I have added a couple of pictures to show my progress on a piece that gave me trouble painting my model. It has been salvaged and waiting the models return to modify and complete it. Also I get sidetracked sometimes as when my husband brought home some oysters for himself. I decided they needed to be painted and have started a still life. It is a good thing and refreshing to go back to some subject matter not handled for a time.