Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 5

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 5

Losing my way

Into the third painting of the boat series and I seem to lose impetus to go down to the studio. There were other issues going on in my life like preparing the house for viewing for prospective buyers. But I still had the time to continue working; however I avoided the trip to the studio. When I finally did determine to go down and work out the paintings, I realized that I wasn’t pleased with how the blending of the realistic and the modern shape was emerging. I had finished the backgrounds of both paintings, yet blocking in the shape on the work wasn’t integrating as I had envisioned. I left the studio and didn’t go down again for a week. Meanwhile I lost a few nights good sleep working out the problems in my head and dreams.

I decided that I had overworked the scene of the picture and these 2 modes of style wouldn’t integrate. So I decided to set aside those 2 paintings, relieved that the first one I had completed had given me emotion in any case and overcame the integration problem. I now went to a large format canvas because I was choosing a strong large image to continue with the series. The super tanker shots that I had been for fortunate to get some years ago, would work with strength and impressionism. Try getting under the front of a super tanker today what with all the security and even on a dock.

I could easily use a shape or modern colour imagery with this subject matter and bring myself back to my vision state. The first thing I would do is work overall on the canvas again so that the whole surface blended nicely with the whole of the imagery. It was working well and I feel that I am back to the origin point of my series. To continue I booked a model which would be used in the next painting to the super tanker. Again, the next painting is a strong linear and imagery work so I should be able to experiment with it and be free with my application of paint. I can loosen up and let the paint and my imagination flow. Whether or not the 2 works I had put aside will come back into the series won’t be determined until I am well into the final works. I may feel that with time and numbers on my side that I can experiment and even ruin the pieces by then.

In a theme series, it is about the feeling of the process and the flow of the works. When in doubt , you have to stand back and reconsider where you are heading and if the problem is in the present pieces, remove them and get back into the process with fresh subject matter. The fun of a live model will also help loosen the process and bring some ” life ” into the pieces.