Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 1

Anatomy of An Art Exhibition

With the last of the summer’s heat bringing in cooler breezes off the sea, stirrings of change urge me to prepare a new exhibition for the galleries. After a touring of a shared duo exhibit of clay and a one piece sculpture in my provincial art group show, it was time to reintroduce my painting medium with a new series of work. With sculpture taking up my energies and thoughts, I felt the time to work on my boat series which prompted the learning of the bronze, should be brought to the forefront.

The beginnings of an art exhibit usually come out of a long evolved idea, which has been reworked in the mind for a while. It also comes from a growing pile of research material. And if the compulsion for the idea doesn’t fade over time, it is a valid and possibly an extensive one. The time factor given over to thinking about it and reorganizing it, gives more fodder that can make up plenty of pieces of artwork to fill the gallery space.

The boats were born out of my desire to re-create the beautiful wooden lancer kayak and the 18 foot canoe we enjoyed, stored in the garage for the winter. Many drawings of these two boats were gathering up and an attempt at small sculptures were done in the lost wax method of bronze. My spouse and I pour our own bronze in the driveway. Another topic for the blog. then the process of experimenting and becoming knowledgeable with clay and the bronze took over for six years, only with dabbles in the paint during that time. Well, now the bronze process has become more expensive with the economic down turn and the increased cost of copper and other materials, the idea of the boat series in bronze looks very unlikely. The physical effort in the bronze medium, doing it yourself, is another reason to switch. The costs of sourcing out to foundries is very expensive; the reason we do our own casting.

However no worry, I am determined to do a bronze boat in my series to claim the virtual idea and put it into practice. Meanwhile I return to the paints to bring my long awaited boat series to fruition.

Enough of the intro and now I will write this blog giving you the audience the breakdown and progress of the build toward an exhibition of artwork. We start with the conception of the idea through the proposal work and the method of painting the pieces to the actual exhibition. Stay with me please as I diary the full journey of my exhibition of series of boats.