The Art of Carolyn Bedford

Image of the artist, Carolyn Bedford

Painting for exhibitions is my preferred objective and I have had many exhibits during the past forty years of productive art. Under the name, Bedford Studios, I have worked in many painting mediums but when introduced to the lost wax process of bronze sculpture, I extended the Bedford Studios to add Cape Breton Bronze. This name change represents the area in which I practice bronze sculpture with my own backyard foundry.

I share my art practice through studio rally maps each year welcoming people into my home studio to learn the process and view my work. I love working in the figurative but enjoy expressing the environment around me by painting en plein air. Every two years I begin a new series for exhibit and this new work celebrating our Maritime resource, can be followed on my blog.

This site offers you original artwork by this artist for purchase, as well as some previously sold work which shows the beauty and extent of the artist's range. This combination of gallery work for both sale and viewing will assist in the buyer's choice for commission works that the artist also is offering to produce for sale.